try new things  |  be persistent, but not stubborn  |  give, don’t take  |  educate yourself  |  educate others  |  produce exceptional work  |  get results 

Being an “entrepreneur” may have many meanings. Whether you employ 2 or 2,000, there are underlying core principles that are required for success. Follow us on our journey as we identify the entrepreneurial lifestyles, tools, skills, and ruthless passion required for start-up success.

The blog is aimed at providing value to all entrepreneurs. From documenting my semi-cultish followings of new trends and brash lifestyle changes to interviewing influential and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, this is your one-stop shop for all things start-up.

As a former CPA turned stock trader, and passionate entrepreneur, I’m constantly adapting and finding ways to create value from the most unlikely of places. I’ve worked in Silicon Valley, the public and private sector, consulting, financial services, and the capital markets. As an advisor and founder, the lessons, hacks, and tools provide you the tools to navigate your path of entrepreneurship.